Regular cleaning can have a positive effect on your mental and physical health.

Your physical health improves when you live in a healthier home. A clean home is less likely to be contaminated with other germs and health concerns. A clean home is less likely to make you come down with symptoms.

Now that you’re asking what  symptoms have to do with a clean home, you should know that everything you or anyone else in your home comes into contact with in the outside world makes its way into your home. That means you’re bringing in flu-like germs and much more.

Regular cleaning minimizes those things, and it keeps your home healthier.

Your mental health is better when you’re not surrounded by clutter all the time. You know where to find things, you aren’t wasting time looking for things, and you feel more in control of your own life. There is nothing quite like living in a home where clutter is not a problem because it helps you feel more confident and capable. It’s that simple.

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